Established in 2013 Vitaplankton is the UK’s first and only facility growing & processing marine algae with human consumption as its primary aim.

We love our algae and hope you will too.

Marine Algae (Nannochloropsis gaditana)

Is widely recognised as one of nature’s most abundant sources of EPA Omega 3 & 6. It also contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals, a whole spectrum of micro nutrients and pigments essential for health.

Our algae is grown in a closed system ensuring the highest standards of hygiene. Algae requires light, heat and nutrients to grow well. We use sunlight, LED light and the finest nutrients to grow our algae.

We make seawater ensuring contamination free purity.

We grow, harvest & package our algae onsite ensuring all the goodness is preserved.

From where the algae is grown to where it is processed and packaged is only a few meters.

Fresh is Best